Bicol University College of Nursing Vision, Mission, Goal, and Objectives: Awareness, Dissemination, and Attainment


  • Maria Della C. Rañeses


nursing education, stakeholders’ awareness, strategies to attain VMGO


Bicol University College of Nursing’s (BUCN) vision, mission, goal, a nd objectives (VMGO) serve as funda mental guide in its ma nda te for instruction, resea rch, a nd extension, towa rds yielding world- class nurses. This study looked into stakeholders’ awa reness of the BUCN VMGO, the college’s stra tegies towa rds  its a tta inment,  a nd  possible enha ncements  towa rds  its wider dissemina tion  a nd  grea ter assura nce of a tta inment. This is a cross-sectional type of resea rch which utilized a mix of sa mpling designs for  selecting respondents—na mely total  enumera tion  for  students;  ra ndom  sa mpling for BUCN administra tion, teaching, a nd non-teaching sta ff; a nd purposive sa mpling for pa rents, alumni, community, a nd linkages. Results show tha t stakeholders a re highly awa re of the BUCN VMGO due to wide dissemina tion through posters, flyers, IEC ma terials, a nd social media. The college’s stra tegies towa rds the a tta inment of its VMGO a re seen to be well-practiced, most significa nt of which a re ensuring a pool of highly qualified professors, distributing va rious VMGO info-dissemina tion ma terials, promoting its personnel’s professional a nd personal development, a nd taking responsibility for students’ adva ncement. Areas for improvement  include BUCN’s regula r  tracking of gradua tes, undertaking activities with institutional linkages a nd communities, encouraging students to join orga niza tions a nd pa rticipa te in their activities, a nd having pa rents a nd gua rdia ns commit to overseeing their children’s a nd wa rds’ academic sta nding. Summa rily, it ca n be sa id tha t stakeholders a re cogniza nt of BUCN’s VMGO, tha t BUCN implements effective stra tegies to realize its VMGO, a nd tha t different stakeholders have distinctive suggestions to help BUCN a tta in its vision a nd to improve the college in general.