Identification of Pteridophyte Species in Kalikasan Park, Daraga, Albay, Philippines

Maria Teresa A. Mirandilla*, Erwin N. Bañares, Jonathan Jaime G. Guerrero, and Mheljor A. General


  • Maria Teresa Mirandilla
  • Erwin Bañares
  • Jonathan Jaime Guerrero
  • Mheljor General


Fern, Line Transect Method, Diversity, Evenness


Pteridophytes are vascular, spore-bearing plants, which are composed of ferns and their allies. Although commonly used in horticulture, it is also known to have medicinal values. This study identified the fern species present in Kalikasan Park, a forest fragment adjacent to Bicol University main campus in Legazpi City, Philippines. The Line Transect Method was employed wherein a 50 m transect line with an alternating 5x5 meter plot was set in the two sampling sites. A total of 14 fern species belonging to nine families and nine genera were found in the two sampling sites. Shannon’s Index of Diversity (H’) value of 2.08 and an Evenness (E) value of 0.8354 were recorded in sampling station 2. The anthropogenic disturbance and infrastructure expansion without clear-cut boundaries is a challenge to the fern population in the area. It is recommended that a comprehensive plan to safeguard the biodiversity of Kalikasan Park and of the university’s main campus be put in place.