Common Signs and Symptoms of Non-Communicable Diseases Experienced and Diagnosed among Bicol University Teaching Personnel


Common Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosed Non-Communicable Diseases, Healthy Teaching Workforce, Promote Healthy Lifestyle


As the Bicol University (BU) teaching personnel commit in doing their jobs, they sometimes take their health for granted. Some would suffer from ill-health and experience signs and symptoms, others would develop non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This study then determined the common signs and symptoms experienced by the BU teaching workforce, and the NCDs and other ailments they are diagnosed with. It also determined preventive measures that may help promote healthy lifestyle. This is a descriptive quantitative study which utilized a validated semi-structured questionnaire, employed random sampling of respondents under a criteria set, and analyzed through frequency, percentage and ranking. Findings revealed that common signs and symptoms like headache, cough and colds, body and muscle pain, backache, and, stomachache are sometimes experienced by the respondents. Fainting spells, panic attacks, vomiting, nausea, and toothache are never experienced by them. Under the diagnosed NCDs and other ailments, only 46 is diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension, 25 with asthma, 20 with diabetes, 18 with arthritis and 14 with obesity. Three salient measures are recommended: undergo laboratory exams annually and receive vaccines, do regular exercises, eat and drink healthy, and promote active lifestyle.