Physics Principles Gleaned from the Indigenous Fishing Practices of Fisherfolks in Santo Domingo, Albay, Philippines


  • Al B. Besmonte
  • Lorna M. Miña


Fishing Techniques, Indigenous Science, Physics


This study used ethnography through direct field observation and immersion, interviews and described the principles of physics as manifested in the fishing practices of the fisherfolks of coastal barangays in Sto. Domingo, Albay. The objective of the study is to identify the indigenous fishing practices and the related physics concepts. The indigenous fishing practices of fishermen that have Physics applications are: Paghikot (net fishing): net fishing by walking and net fishing with the use of banca, Pagpana (spearfishing): spearfishing at day and night, and Pagbanwit (use of hook and rod): pag-og-og, pagsibid-sibid, pagtalunton, pagkanuos with the use of banca, pagkanuos thru balakwit and pagbalakwit. The Physics concepts applied are evident in indigenous fishing practices are force, motion, center of mass, pressure, buoyancy, elasticity, work, momentum, light, and sound.