Framework on International Student Mobility for Higher Education Institutions


  • Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio
  • Helen M. Llenaresas


framework, higher education, internationalization, ISM, SWOT analysis


The rise of the knowledge-based economies significantly impacted education, such as increased academic mobility, including people movement and international academic programs. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) then need to respond to the demands of internationalization through policies and initiatives. This qualitative research primarily aimed to identify the existing policies on international student mobility (ISM) in HEIs, analyze the implementation of the existing ISM policies through a SWOT analysis, and create a model ISM framework for HEIs. Data were collected using key informants' interviews, focus group discussion, and jurors' validation of the proposed framework. Salient results revealed that the ISM policies of the selected HEIs adhere to relevant laws in the country. Furthermore, the SWOT analysis indicated that the strengths and opportunities exceed the weaknesses and threats. Therefore, a proposed framework on ISM is acceptable and can serve as a practical guide for institutional policy formulation in HEIs in the Philippines. Its further validation and eventually its use for ISM policy reforms are recommended.