Exemplars of Higher Education Teaching in the Bicol University College of Education, Philippines


  • Renelyn E. Bautista


approaches, education, instruction, instructional practices, teaching practices


The study explored teaching strategies in the tertiary level of Bicol University College of Education faculty and provided exemplars of higher education teaching. Classroom observations using validated instructional monitoring tool, interviews, and narratives through the teaching exemplar template were utilized to identify the instructional moves indicators used in the exemplar teaching strategies. The highly evident and frequently used instructional actions in the participants’ strategies are Giving directions, Explaining, Differentiating, activating, connecting, scaffolding, attaching, re-teaching, annotating, and Coaching-facilitating. These were observed among the teaching strategies like lecture-discussions, oral presentations, Socratic Method, simulations, role-playing, and games. Emphasis on student-centered product and performance-based strategies were also observed. Interviews and syllabi reviews showed that BUCE faculty employed student-centered strategies to integrate lessons to real-life situations, aligned with the National Competency-based Teaching Standards (NCBTS). The study further revealed that the teacher-participants are proficient in their teaching as their strategies generate desired learning outcomes, and the necessary instructional moves indicators were highly evident. Using videos and narratives as documentation of exemplar instructional practices gives concreteness to the teaching and learning process and strategies employed. The teaching practices of the various academic units of Bicol University should be studied and documented to know the prevailing teaching and learning environment.