Educational Outcomes from Learning Physics Through Guided Inquiry


  • Shiela I. Arroco


guided-inquiry, Inquiry-based learning, inquiry skills, meaningful learning, real-life connection, scientific attitude


This descriptive research, which employed quantitative and qualitative methods, aimed to determine the educational outcomes of guided inquiry lessons in Physics in terms of the following: improvement of students’ inquiry skills, enhancement in scientific attitude, and the ability of students to connect the concepts to real- life experiences. Likewise, it described the students’ meaningful learning experiences during the conduct of the lessons. The outcomes were anchored from the Science Education Framework of Philippines basic education. The participants in the study, students (N=728) and teachers (N=18), came from selected schools of the Department of Education Albay Division. Using thematic analysis, three themes related to meaningful learning experiences came from students’ responses: understanding of concepts, participation in collaborative works, and opportunity for skills development. Results of t-tests for inquiry skills and scientific attitudes revealed significant improvements, with large effects. It was also found out that the students were able to connect concepts to their real-life activities.