Outcomes-Based Curricular Review of a Graduate Program Using Curriculum Quality Audit Methodology


  • Lorna M. Miña
  • Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio
  • Helen M. Llenaresas


Curricular Alignment, Curriculum Assessment, Graduate Education Curriculum Mapping, Curricular Revision


This study is a curricular review of a graduate program to determine its alignment to Outcomes-Based Education and 21st-century learning frameworks. The review was done through curriculum quality audit using curriculum mapping, content analysis, and expert evaluation of the course syllabi of the graduate program specialization courses. Data shows a partial alignment of the academic courses to program and graduate education outcomes and partial constructive alignment among outcomes, activities, and assessment. Although strong on content and pedagogy, with strategies supporting 21st-century skills development, the university can still enhance the program in terms of constructive alignment, integration of research in coursework, productive use of digital technology, and enrichment of the outcomes with relevant competencies in the technology-driven environment of the 21st-century. While these results can inform curriculum revision, the process can serve as a benchmark in the review and alignment of other programs guided by outcomes-based education.