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Vol 26, Issue 1
August 2023

CHED-JIP Recognized Journal as per CMO NO. 50, s. 2018.

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Geotechnical Characterization of the Soil along the Banks of the Sagumayon River in the Province of Albay, Philippines

Publisher: Bicol University

The effects of pollution, weather and climate, and societal pressures had changed drastically the physical characteristics and use of the Sagumayon River, an important river network in the city of Legazpi. This study aimed to obtain relevant geotechnical engineering properties of the soil along the river banks, which could provide an indication of its vulnerability to erosion, settlement, and slope failure. In-situ and ex-situ tests conducted in four areas of the river along an 800-m stretch within the Bicol University–Main Campus revealed a granular type of soil, poorly graded sand with silt (SP-SM) of low SPT N-value (from 2–20 blows/ ft), friction angle of 27° to 33° and Soil Bearing Capacity of 74 ~ 217 kPa. The riverbank soils are susceptible to certain modes of erosion, settlement, and slope failure. The soil is comprised of 82% sand and 18% silt. Borehole sites with shallow groundwater table have been found to exhibit high soil moisture content values. Structures that will be built on the area should be designed to allow a tolerable, even settlement of 25 mm and up to 37.5 mm of maximum differential settlement. The study recommends that the index properties obtained be used in conjunction with cross-sectional survey data of the river banks to analyse the stability of the slopes. Remedial measures should be provided to secure against further surface erosion. In the design of structures to be built on the area, there is a need to validate the soil properties by drilling more bore holes to ensure stability of structures.

Anna G. Bilaro
Edmundo O. Estor
Oliver E. Aligan

friction angle
Sagumayon River
slope failure
soil bearing capacity

July 08, 2019

CHED-JIP Recognized Journal as per CMO NO. 50, s. 2018.

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Higher Education Regional Research Center, Bicol University East Campus, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

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