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Vol 26, Issue 1
August 2023

CHED-JIP Recognized Journal as per CMO NO. 50, s. 2018.

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Business Economics

Supply Chain Analysis of Dried Sardines in the Bicol Region, Philippines

Publisher: Bicol University

The study assessed the existing supply chains for dried sardines and identified areas for improvement. The sites covered were the provinces of Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, and Masbate. There are five major supply chains for dried sardines in the Bicol region, with Granadino supply chain as the biggest. The processors generate the highest ROC while the fisherfolks incur net loss. The fisherfolks and the processors have very high-efficiency levels, while the traders have lower efficiency level. The processors are the least flexible and responsive, while the traders are the most flexible and responsive. The areas for improvement identified are the dwindling supply of fresh sardines, financial dependence of fisherfolks to traders, lack of market information of fisherfolks, difficulty of drying sardines during the rainy season, non-observance of good manufacturing practices of processors, not well-defined grading or classification system for dried sardines, unsuitable and inadequate cold storage facility, non-observance of FIFO inventory system, absence of viable industry association, and unawareness of consumers on the grading or classification of dried sardines. It is recommended that the trading center or bagsakan be established in different sardine producing areas; adequate and proper cold storage facility be provided to the processors and traders of dried sardines; formulation of grading standards be initiated by the Bureau of Product Standards of DTI in consultation with the different stakeholders, and this be made known to the consumers and be strictly implemented; strict implementation of existing policies on illegal fishing and other destructive activities be done; a collaboration of DOST and DTI in providing trainings on Good Manufacturing Practices for processors and proper inventory system for the processors and traders be carried out; DOLE in coordination with the respective LGUs could provide alternative livelihood programs/ activities during lean months, and industry associations be organized or activated by LGUs.

Viola L. Amano
Julieta V. Mojados

Dried sardines
supply chain
supply chain analysis

July 25, 2022

CHED-JIP Recognized Journal as per CMO NO. 50, s. 2018.

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Higher Education Regional Research Center, Bicol University East Campus, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

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