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Vol 26, Issue 1
August 2023

CHED-JIP Recognized Journal as per CMO NO. 50, s. 2018.

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Are the Right Questions being Asked? An Investigation of Questioning Proficiency among Pre-service Teachers

Publisher: Bicol University

Teaching and learning call for a meaningful and interactive climate to enhance the thinking abilities of the learners through proficient teacher questioning skills. Understanding how effectively pre-service teachers pose questions is vital in preparing them for actual teaching. Thus, this study investigates a) the kinds of questions pre-service teachers ask, b) the level of competence in the art of questioning, and c) the difficulties associated with it. The participants were 27 pre-service teachers and 24 cooperating teachers. Anchored on Bloom’s Taxonomy as the framework of the study, the investigation employed classroom observations, video-recorded lessons, documentary analysis, and interviews. Lesson plans were analyzed to validate the data gathered. Interviews were conducted to unveil the difficulties pre service teachers encountered. Findings show that most of the cognitive questions asked by pre-service teachers were lower order thinking questions. The level of proficiency is high demonstrating strong abilities in formulating questions in remembering, understanding, and applying; average showcasing moderate abilities in formulating questions along analyzing, evaluating, and creating. The difficulties encountered by pre-service teachers include a) formulating higher-order thinking questions, b) eliciting responses, c) rephrasing, or simplifying questions, d) giving follow-up or deepening/probing questions, and e) confusion on the type of questions to ask to suit the student’s level of learning. The effective asking of questions by pre-service teachers requires practice and training. The study suggests the incorporation of intensive training on the art of questioning in the training programs of teacher education institutions before internship.

Norma L. Magdato
Julius R. Satparam

kinds of questions
level of proficiency
higher-order thinking skills
lower-order thinking skills

April 23, 2024

CHED-JIP Recognized Journal as per CMO NO. 50, s. 2018.

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Higher Education Regional Research Center, Bicol University East Campus, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

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