School-Based Psychosocial Intervention Program for Disaster-Related Trauma in Albay, Philippines


  • Rudya A. Roallos


disaster and trauma, resilience, school-based psychosocial intervention program


This study aimed to design a school-based psychosocial intervention program for disaster-related
trauma in Albay as a psychosocial support to promote mental health in times of disasters. Likewise, this
study aimed to prepare a module for the program developed, and present the proposed program using the
module for preparedness and response. Developmental-evaluative method of research through expert panel
evaluation, survey, interview techniques, and workshop sessions as well as focused group discussion (FGD)
were utilized to gather data. Respondents and key informants were guidance practitioners, psychologists
and teacher-advisers of secondary schools in the province of Albay, Philippines. The proposed school-based
psychosocial intervention program was evaluated by the expert panel as adequate and relevant based on the
felt needs of the educational institutions and was recommended for implementation. Survey of guidance
practitioners and teachers of pilot school revealed outstanding results as to the content and relevance of
the workshop topics, expertise of speakers, and appropriateness of workshop activities. FGD revealed a
common theme to empower school heads to support the program through budget allocation and conduct
more trainings for effective implementation of the program. Registered guidance counselors, in a random
interview, were highly responsive to their commitment to replicate the program with the support of the
school administration. The proposed school-based psychosocial intervention program is recommended for
implementation and replication in other educational institutions.