The BU R&D Journal is an annual double-blind peer-refereed research journal. This publication is concerned with varied disciplines such as Sciences and Technology, Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Management and pedagogy. It aims to disseminate research findings and recommendations, and thus contribute to and evolve educational, scientific, technological, cultural and psycho-sociohistorical knowledge. It publishes researches along the thematic areas in research of Bicol University.

The BU R&D Journal aims to stimulate the interest of the Bicol University academic personnel in research and development, and promote pride and spirit of Bicol University as a premier university.

Refereeing System

  1. The refereeing process is a rigorous measure of the quality of the papers to be published in the BU R&D Journal.
  2. The refereeing process for the BU R&D Journal is double blind peer review which means that neither the author nor the referees are provided with each other’s identity.
  3. The refereeing process is criterion-referenced which offers fair assessment of the merits of the paper as well as constructive comments to the submitted paper.
  4. The refereeing process shall consider confidentiality, intellectual merit and copyright issues. Reviewers shall not disclose to other people which papers they have refereed; nor are they to share those papers with any other person. Review shall be based on the intellectual merits of the articles and not on the personal criticisms or political and social views of the referees. Critical and negative reviews shall be fully explained by the referees
  5. Papers will be refereed by at least two reviewers based on the following criteria: technical quality, significance to the discipline, creativity and originality, and clarity of presentation. The review form prescribed by the University shall be used by the referees. Only the evaluation results and the comments and/or recommendations indicated in the Paper Review Form will be disclosed to the authors/s.
  6. In case the two reviewers have different recommendations, the paper will be submitted to a third reviewer. The recommendation which will be affirmed by the third reviewer will be the final recommendation for the paper.
  7. The decision to accept an article is based on the average rating given by reviewers. Papers which are rated 85% and above are considered for publication provided that the paper is revised based on the suggestions and comments of the reviewers.
  8. Authors shall revise the paper based on the comments of the reviewers preferably within a month. Revised paper shall be scrutinized by the Editorial Board based on the reviewers’ comments.
  9. Papers which have been rejected will be given a maximum of one resubmission within a year. Resubmitted papers of non-BU authors shall be submitted for another round of refereeing, and consequently be charged publication fee.
  10. If the reviewers recommend editing of the paper, the Editorial Board may do the editing or the author may opt to have his/her own professional editor.
  11. The reviewers’ names and institutional affiliations shall be mentioned in the journal issue where the reviewed paper is published. No references shall be made, however, as to what particular papers were evaluated by the reviewers.
  12. Authors of papers submitted to the refereeing process will be notified in writing of the acceptance or rejection for publication together with the results of the paper review.
  13. Authors who failed to respond to the notice of acceptance for publication and/or who failed to submit the revised paper based on the reviewers comments and suggestions within at most three months will be cancelled for publication.
  14. If the editorial board is notified by any party other than the author that the published paper contains an obvious error, the author shall make a disclaimer orcorrection at the soonest possible time.

Subscription Guidelines

  1. The BU R&D Journal shall be available for institutional and personal subscription. In case of institutional subscription, the subscription is free of charge if in exchange for a refereed journal of an institution in the region or outside the region.
  2. Paid subscription is also available based on the following rates:
    Kind of SubscriptionRate*
    Institutional Subscription Php 500
    Personal Subscription Php 450
    *Subscription fee includes freight charges.
  3. Queries about the subscription will be addressed to Director of the Research and Development Center.

Selection and Duties of the Board of Reviewers

  1. These shall be a board of reviewers which shall act as ad-hoc review committee for each annual publication.
  2. The reviewers shall be selected based on their expertise and track record in research which include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Number of publications in refereed journals
    2. Extent of speakership/lectureship engagements on research topics or researches conducted
    3. Number of times requested to review research papers
    4. d) Number of research-related awards received
  3. The reviewers shall be officially selected by the Editorial Consultant Committee (EDC) upon the recommendation of the Editorial Board.
  4. The reviewers shall make a blind review of the paper submitted for publication. The review of the paper shall include the following tasks:
    1. Review the paper based on the criteria;
    2. Give numerical rating and fair assessment of the paper;
    3. Explain fully critical or negative judgments or evaluations; and
    4. d) Declare any conflict of interest, if any.
  5. The reviewers shall not do the following:
    1. Disclose to others which papers they have refereed; nor are they to share those papers with any other person;
    2. Give personal criticisms or criticisms based on their political or social views;
    3. Add explanation, discussion or implications to the findings of the paper;
    4. Verify, add or suggest additional references;
    5. Revise for clarity, readability, logic, awkward word choice, and phrasing;
    6. Correct spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors; and
    7. Check for typos and formatting inconsistencies.
  6. The reviewers shall be given three weeks to one month or an adequate period to finish the review.

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