Gilmoore T. Olfindo, Phoebe M. Belgica


This study aimed to find out the employment status of the BUCIT graduates of 2008-2010. The hindering and contributing factors to their employment; aspects of the curricula that need to be upgraded/adjusted; and measures to enhance employability of the graduates were also dealt with. A survey of graduates randomly taken from each batch was done using questionnaires sent via personal courier/postal mail and electronic mode. Feedbacks from 21 employers of the sampled graduates were also sought. Out of the target 344 graduates, 196 or 57% respondents participated. Of the 196 graduates, 78% of them are employed. Among the common reasons cited by those who are unemployed are: (a) pursuit of further studies, (b) family responsibility, and (c) job order status or work not suitable. Short time for hands-on training and lack of upgraded laboratory equipment were pointed out by the graduates as hindering factors to employment. Positive attitude towards work and willingness to learn are the topmost qualities that most of the employer-respondents regarded as extremely important. Likewise, leadership, teamwork, and customer relation are the topmost general skills considered extremely important by most of the  employers. The curriculum completed by the graduates of 2008, 2009, and 2010 may be considered effective in general in terms of producing employable graduates. Surpassing the regional and national employment rate, though, should be pursued.The following policies that are commonly-recognized as necessary, but are oftentimes set aside yet could enhance employability of BUCIT graduates are: (a) strict admission of students, (b) expanded time for practical or hands-on learning, (c) allocation of school funds for instructional facilities, (d) strong academe-industry linkage, and (e) institutionalized tracking and monitoring of graduates.

Keywords: employability, curriculum responsiveness employability graduates, tracer study

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